Oct 132014

I have decided to start cooking and eating some of the crazy stuff that I encounter while traveling.

In this episode I am in Valencia, Spain and I cook and eat a pig’s face!  That’s right!  I go through the whole process of buying, seasoning, cooking, and eating a pig’s face…

Watch and enjoy! ;)

Oct 012014

I go to Bled, Slovenia!  In this episode I experience the beauty that this city has to offer, complete with a church in the middle of a lake, a castle on a mountain and a city surrounded by the Alps.

I also get the chance to meet a very crazy and interesting local as well as enter a haunted house. ;)


Aug 302014
A Moment in Valencia – Stories – Part 5 of 7

By this point in my travels I am quite bored with the generic questions of “Where are you from?” and “What you are doing in Europe?” and am much more interested in the information that can be classified as an outlier. I want something that is actually interesting, something that is different from the thousands of people that I have met before you.

Aug 252014
A Moment in Valencia – The Night – Part 4 of 7

After the day, I am glowing with happiness. I could not think of a better way to spend a day and, by this point, I am a bit exhausted and just ready for bed. But, as I walk towards my room, two beautiful girls ask me out for drinks. Damn. So, I can go to bed or I can hang out with two seemingly fun girls and drink – hmmmm.

Aug 222014
Photo of the Week - Bruges: Windmills are Great :)

Bruges, Belgium is a pretty cool city that seems like it was frozen in time, because it kind of was. The city has remained so similar to what it was hundreds of years ago largely because of the fact that its main economic driver, its river, started to fill-in. As such, people left and people didn’t have as much money to change the city with the times.

This is what I find to be the most interesting thing about the city…

Aug 172014
A Moment in Valencia – The Next Day – Part 3 of 7

After a good sleep, it’s time for a free-walking-tour of the city. I just love these tours because you get to see enough of the city to get a feel for it and its history as well as getting a bearing on your surroundings.

The tour is great and the city of Valencia is just wonderful. The whole city seems to be straight out of a Spanish fairy-tale.

Jul 192014
A Moment in Valencia - Traveling There - Part 1 of 7

This is the first part of a 7 part post describing a day in Valencia, Spain. I hope you enjoy! :)

I’m not sure if I am running from something or simply entertaining my desire to find out what this city is really like.

I always find the train ride that takes me away from one place and toward another to be an almost cathartic experience.