Sep 142013

I know that this may not be too interesting to anyone, but I just LOVE basset hounds.  They are my favorite type of dog in the world, though I am allergic to dogs :(, and I managed to spot one when I was in Paris.

So, let’s take a closer look at the dog and I’ll explain why these dogs are so cool and why it was great to see one in Paris…


Basset Hound in Paris :)

Basset Hound in Paris 🙂

Paris is such a cramped and crowded city with a lot of people and not much space.  As such, there are not many dogs in the city.  Couple that with the fact that not many people have a basset hound, and it was a pretty awesome sight to see one in Paris.

This was the first and only basset hound I have ever seen in Paris, after being there for a combined two months or so, and I have only ever seen one other basset hound throughout all of Europe.

Now, I love these dogs because they are just too funny looking not to love.  They are like giant versions of the hot-dog type dogs (dachshunds) but with GIANT ears too!  It’s so funny to see because their ears get into everything, food, the water bowl, etc. and some little kids may even mistake this type of dog for a flying dog vis-a-vis dumbo the flying elephant (funny story to follow at some point).

I saw this little guy while walking up the side of Montemartre in Paris with my special lady friend at the time.  It was a great evening :).


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  2 Responses to “Basset Hound in Paris!!! :)”

  1. So true! I just got back from Paris and since I am a Basset person and the Basset is French, I was hoping to spot one. Not one in sight. But Munich is full of them. I guess they love those sausages!

    • haha nice! I actually had no idea they were French until you posted this but yes it was awesome to see one in Paris. I hope your travels are going well! 🙂

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