May 142014

Mostar, Bosnia is famous only for its oddly shaped super steep bridge. This was my first experience with Bosnia and, to be honest, I was terrified of going here. But, thankfully, this damn famous bridge was bringing enough tourists to the city that I thought it would be a good start for venturing into Bosnia, which, as someone who saw the fighting on tv as a child, scared me (it no longer does).

You will see that the city is really beautiful, by day and especially by night. I will also show you some of the food that I had there, which includes a portion that they swore was for only one person but should have been for 4, the big portions of America have nothing on this place! The other thing is a piece of Burek, which you will see more of in my videos from the Balkans.

In addition to this, I will show you remnants form the war, which are literally everywhere!

I also want to mention that I met some amazing people in Bosnia and I never felt any less safe here than I did in many cities in Western Europe.



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