Dec 242014
Christmas Vienna Market

Christmas Vienna Market

I am at the point where I have spent so much time in Europe and I have so many friends in Europe that I no longer know when Santa is supposed to visit me!

I even bought all of Santa’s gifts for me yesterday (the 23rd) so I would have them for today! 😛

I have never been very good with dates.  I don’t know why, but dates, traditions, graduation ceremonies, award ceremonies, or any kind of freaking ceremony has never been that important to me.  Maybe I have been too pessimistic or cynical to care about all of these things or I have seen them through the lens of simple fact – I did good; I feel good about it; why do I need an award?  I was born; I am alive; why celebrate any of this?

Perhaps that makes me a bit of a scrooge.  But, to be honest with you, I always loved the holidays before my life became so focused on work.  But, I am digressing.

The simple fact is that Europe is confusing me!

All of my friends in Europe are wishing me a Merry Christmas today and I am wishing them a Merry Christmas so much so that I came to my parents to open presents today!

Why do Europeans celebrate Christmas on the 24th when we celebrate it on the 25th?  I mean, I am sure there is some sort of history to this but, seeing as how America was essentially birthed from Europe, you would think these traditions would line up a little better.  It’s like the European Christians and the America Christians never could agree on when to celebrate it.

Ever since I lived in Germany when I was sixteen I never could quite remember when I was supposed to be celebrating Christmas haha.

Either way, it is the Christmas season and that seems to be making everyone happier, including me.

So, I wish you a very merry Christmas! (wherever you may be in the world today) 🙂

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  1. By the time Santa has finished his job in Europe it’s already Christmas morning in America.
    Do you need more explanation?

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