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One of the things I love most about cultural differences between the U.S. and countries in Europe is that these differences are often not so easy to notice and they can pop-up in unexpected places.

The first time I saw a blackjack table in a club in Finland, I was certain that I was seeing things because well, as I found out the next morning, she was not a 10…

BUT, the blackjack table was real!

Picture this, you’re going out with your friends for the weekend; you had a hard week so you need to blow-off some steam and you would rather have the room spinning from ethanol than stress-induced eye-twitching.

You throw back some beers, talk about how work sucks.

You throw back some shots, talk about your nagging woman.

You go to the dance floor and exhaust your full repertoire of dance moves, including the sprinkler, the lawn mower, the Indian Chief, and the spastic robotic drunk.

Finland - Club - Dancing

Finland – Club – Dancing


After stumbling back from the bathroom, your eye catches this rather odd looking vest-clad bright color wearing person with a white light shining on them.  The rest of the club is dark, but this wonderful person is just standing there, in the light, sober as a Mormon, and with a smile on their face.  Their hand extends, beckoning you over to this table of wonders.

Finland - Blackjack Table in Club

Finland – Blackjack Table in Club

Shit, you just lost 100 bucks to this red table that had whitish rectangles flying over it.

What the hell just happened?!  Well, you, my sir, just gambled $100 at the blackjack table, which is conveniently positioned near the exit of the club so that, in your most drunken state, even you can’t miss it.

Welcome to gambling in Clubs! 😉

Now, let’s get some pizza and pass out…

Giant Pizza - Finland - After Night Out

Giant Pizza – Finland – After Night Out

(they also have this in Sweden and maybe Norway and Denmark)


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