Jun 282015
Dragon that Sleeps

This is not her by the way! 😛

The morning is coming.  It is time to put myself together.  It is time to get dressed.  It is time to leave.

I admire her as she lays there, sleeping, tired from the previous night’s debauchery.

If only you could see the way this creature’s body curves ever so perfectly from shoulder to hips, bosom to thigh… her skin so soft… like caressing a cloud from heaven as I stroke my hand down her side.

A shimmer of light from early morning’s sun meets her elevated buttocks as she lay on her side, a sheet half draped over her.  Curiously, she managed to get back into her seductive lingerie – just the right amount of class and sass.

Now it’s time to stand up big boy… “whoa there” I say as I fall back onto the bed.  Apparently somebody’s not so fit to drive.  No matter, this shit-hole of a city is horrible for driving anyway.

I manage to get dressed and, as she lies there, sleeping the night off, I give her a gentle kiss on the shoulder.  I just love the way her warm soft skin feels when I press my lips against it.

Every molecule in my being tells me that I will never see her again.  Somehow, no matter how many times our paths cross, I still feel as though each moment shared with this wonderful creature shall be my last.

I look back as I walk out the door, one last glance at the, well, the only thing that has made me really, truly, smile since I embarked on this journey.

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