Jun 202013

There are a few things that I cannot get in Europe but that I really REALLY want and deep dish pizza is one of those things!  ‘Regular’ pizza is really easy to find in Europe, as it is in America.  Therefore, if you really like the thin ‘normal’ pizza like New York Style pizza pies, you are in luck pretty much wherever you travel in Europe.  But, for the good stuff, the deep dish pizza, you are out of luck.  Hell it’s even hard to find in America let alone Europe.

I’ve never even been to Chicago and I’ve only had deep dish pizza from one place (about 200 times though) but it will always have a place in my heart.

Here are some photos of the meat-lovers deep dish pizza that I used to get in Boston (my mouth is literally watering as I’m looking at these photos!):



Please tell me where I can get this in Europe! I’m dying without my pizza ;(

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