Jul 182013

Everyone knows that the tower in Pisa leans, a lot.  But, it is really hard to grasp how much it leans by just reading a number.  Below are photos that illustrate what I mean.

Though you only ever see the tower in photos, it is part of a church complex and, even if the tower didn’t lean, this would still be a great attraction to visit due to the ornate work on the church itself and the buildings around it.

Cathedral and Tower in Pisa

Cathedral and Tower in Pisa

This is the tower, the church, and another building in the complex.

The above photo is probably the best illustration of just how much this tower leans to one side.  It looks like it is falling onto the church.

I have seen so many photos of the tower by itself that, before I got there, I thought that it was just a lonely tower in a field.  When you go there, take the tourist photo of you holding it up, but also take this photo, or at least go to this point so you can take-in the best view.

Also, on a side-note, you do not need to spend more than a couple hours in Pisa.  A lot of people stayed one or two nights in this city thinking that there would be a lot of stuff to do.  However, it is really just this church complex and a few other buildings.  I would recommend staying in Florence and coming to Pisa for just a day-trip or just a few hours, returning to Florence in the evening (this is what I did).

Here are some more photos of the Cathedral and Tower of Pisa.


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