Jul 132013

Florence is a perfect blend of tourist attraction, romance, entertainment, and general enjoyment.  It has everything that you would want.  The city is beautiful; the sites are world-famous; the clubs and pubs are close together; and the city is generally quite enjoyable.

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Jul 102013

I’m in Florence, Italy and the people in the hostel run by Mike Tyson (read “Does a Serial Killer Live Here?” article) decided to go out to the clubs for a few drinks.  First off, they are soooo expensive – have your drinks beforehand.  And second, this one particular club has the craziest urinals I have ever seen.

Urinal with Lips!

Urinal with Lips!

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Jun 252013

My first Hostel experience in years was in Florence in 2012.  Money becomes quite a bit scarcer once you pay for things yourself and I was now traveling on my own dime.  The last hostel that I stayed in years before this was a very nice and new hostel.  It was big, clean, SAFE, and full of people that follow rules!  As such, I expected all hostels to be like this.  I was wrong, very wrong… Continue reading »