Oct 282015

I finally meetup with my crazy friend in Madrid, after only meeting her for a few hours in London. Let’s hope she doesn’t murder me and sell my organs 😉 Kim you’re the best! 🙂

I’m also introduced to Kim’s favorite Spanish chain restaurant and, to put it mildly, it BLOWS MY MIND!!! 😀

Sometimes I wonder why I ever spent time on those two islands above Europe…


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Oct 212015

I make a short stop in London where I discover the Camden Markets and it freakin’ blows my mind!!!!! I love this place!!!!! 🙂

Then I meet the right girl at the right time and, well, I make a leap of faith and fly to Spain to hopefully meetup with her for some more travels…


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Oct 142015

I spent 3 months in Dublin and met some of the most amazing people ever. This is where I learned that “The People you Meet Define the Experiences You Have” and in this video I’ll show you the wonderful and crazy people I encountered and explain what my experience was like, at least partly ;).


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Oct 072015

St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin!!!!!! This is a big holiday in Ireland and they have lots of events.

Follow me through the snake exhibition, the fair, a parade, and of course a big big party night in Dublin 🙂


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Sep 302015

I travel to Dublin, Ireland!!! This is part one of three in Dublin and here I will enjoy Gaelic Football, fish and chips, lots of live music and pubs, deer hunting from a bike (sort of), snuff tobacco and much more!


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Sep 162015

I’m in Edinburgh, Scotland for their Hogmanay New Years celebrations and it is AWESOME!!!

There is fire, music, dancing, and lots and lots of whiskey!

(also I’ll give a tour of the city 😉 )

Tell me what you think!

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Aug 192015

Time for the wonderful Christmas markets in Europe!!!

Here I will be going to Paris, France and Cologne, Germany for their Christmas markets. It’s a wonderful time to be in Europe! 🙂

Tell me what you think!

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Aug 122015

I am visiting London for a couple weeks and I’ll show you the sights! It’s a cool city with lots to see and do, though it’s quite expensive!

Also, I take a bus here from Paris! First time I’ve ever taken a bus in a train and under a channel…

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