Nov 202013

This is a comprehensive review of my Croatia sailing experience. It covers everything from what the boat is like, the living conditions, a typical day, what the people are like, and my thoughts on the whole experience and whether you should or should not do it (hint: you should not).

I went with the tour company Busabout on a 7-8 day one way sail from Dubrovnik to Split on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia; but, this review should apply equally to just about all of the other tour companies running a sailing experience between Split and Dubrovnik, regardless of the route. All of the tour companies use the same type of boats, follow the same route, and dock next to each other during the day and night; regardless of which company you use, the experience will be similar if not exactly the same.

Also, I must mention that I paid for this tour myself. Some travel bloggers were given this trip for free and you should not at all trust their reviews!

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