Apr 112018

Paella and Schwienshaxe (Pork Knuckle) take center stage as our favorite food in Europe! Listen as we talk about these and many other dishes in Europe that we like, and a few that we don’t like.

The discussion goes from Spain to Germany to Belgium to Vienna to Greece and more 🙂

Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts!

Jul 012015

Time to go crazy in Munich!!! So it’s not Oktoberfest but I still have a pretty good time and see a lot, including BMW World, the Hofbrauhaus, lots and lots of churches, Dachau concentration camp, the Residenz Palace, and more.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments! 🙂

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May 072015

not allowed signFinland, the last foreign country in which I lived, has country-wide internet censorship; just like China; just like North Korea; just like Great Britain…  As an American this is most troubling.  Here, I’ll discuss my thoughts on censorship and my experience with it.

No more mooovies, no more boobies, no more internet…

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Jul 122014

Learn the 4 steps you can take to save thousands of dollars on your European vacation! These are 4 tips that I follow and I think some of them might surprise you.

What are your tips for saving money while traveling in Europe? Leave it in the comments below!

Jul 032014
Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Every major European city will have free tours of the city that are fun and informative.  The problem is that you probably don’t know about them.  I didn’t even know about these tours until the first time that I stayed in a hostel.

Here, I’ll tell you how these tours work, why I like them, and how to find out about them.

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Jun 112014

PhoneI’ll save you a big headache and show you how to call phone numbers in Europe (trust me when I say that it is way more confusing than it should be).  Specifically, this article will teach you how to call European phone numbers from outside of Europe and also within Europe as well as covering the difference between calling within the same country as the number you are dialing versus calling from outside the country.

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