Oct 282015

I finally meetup with my crazy friend in Madrid, after only meeting her for a few hours in London. Let’s hope she doesn’t murder me and sell my organs 😉 Kim you’re the best! 🙂

I’m also introduced to Kim’s favorite Spanish chain restaurant and, to put it mildly, it BLOWS MY MIND!!! 😀

Sometimes I wonder why I ever spent time on those two islands above Europe…


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Oct 212015

I make a short stop in London where I discover the Camden Markets and it freakin’ blows my mind!!!!! I love this place!!!!! 🙂

Then I meet the right girl at the right time and, well, I make a leap of faith and fly to Spain to hopefully meetup with her for some more travels…


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Feb 232015
Bavarian Alps

Bavarian Alps

Did you know that Bavarian is an actual language separate from German?!  I had lived in Germany for over a year and traveled the country extensively and I didn’t even know it until I landed in a small town in Bavaria, south of Munich.

Now, let’s talk about the barbarian language of Germany…  🙂

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Sep 072013

So let’s talk about the magical epiphanies that happen when you have just arrived at a hostel and immediately find some good drinking buddies.  Well, one common epiphany is how to solve the world’s problems, generally cracking the puzzle of world peace only to forget the solution the next morning.

But, but, sometimes you find out much more interesting pieces of information.  And, one dark and dreary night in Dublin, Ireland, I, along with my new friend ‘poupée’ (this shall protect her lovely self from all you creepers out there – plus I might have forgotten her real name lol) found out the secret of which beverage it is that Shrek, the almighty ogre, consumes after a long hard day in the swamp.

Find out below…

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