Jan 282013

I don’t know how to start this except to say that the past week has been pretty shitty.  These are the days when you wish you had a group of good friends around to support you and help you feel better.  When you are traveling alone, you generally have no one in which to confide, no one that can or will sympathize with what you are going through, and basically no one that cares about much other than themselves and their own adventure.  This is great when you are having a good time, but quite depressing when you actually need to talk to someone.  Now, some of these moments may be those that define you as a person, but they are by no means easy or fun to go through.

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Aug 152012

How many times in the U.S. have you seen a female “waste management specialist” or just a trashman?  I mean, I’ve never even heard the word trashwoman let alone seen a woman driving the truck or hauling the bags.  Now, that’s not to say that they don’t exist; I’m sure you could find one or two here or there.  But, in Rome, and much of Europe for that matter, equality of the sexes is not limited to just the water cooler (white collar work).  So, let’s take a look at two very fine examples of European equality amongst the sexes!

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