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  1. Going to Egypt Oct 1-13 with a tour group. The whole enchilada. Kind of nervous, would really like to be able to relax and enjoy myself. Will that even be possible? Enjoyed your videos. Appreciate your sincerity.

    • Yea of course it will be! You should just know the things that I have mentioned in my videos. Plus, going with a tour group will make you feel much safer!!! Just be street smart, make sure you have a good head on your shoulders and, as a woman, don’t go anywhere without a man or a trusted local. That said, stay with your tour group at all times, especially if you are not already a battle-hardened traveler, so to speak.

    • What site did you use to book the tour group visit? I would be interested. I’m a flight attendant so getting there would be easy but I’d like to go with a guided group.

  2. Hey are you still alive out there? Your channels been silent. Just wanna know you’re safe.

    • Thanks for the concern! I have been having a difficult time keeping up with all of my obligations so I had to side-line some things and, unfortunately, this made the chopping block. I’m king of a bad travel blogger lol. But I hope to start up again soon. I have sooo much more content and stories to share.

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