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  1. Hi John,

    My name is Luke and I have seen your YouTube videos and love them! I’m currently in College and studying German for one of my majors! I plan on moving to Germany once I get my degree! I’ll have to either get a job over there or Marry a German girl to live there! But want I want to do is travel Europe like you!!! I love traveling!!! I have several questions for you and it would be greatly appreciated if you would please help me! First off after watching your videos not to get personal but do you have a lot of money to be traveling the way you are? Okay so when I go to Europe/ Paris France and all over Germany should I plan ahead when it comes to staying at hostels and taking the trains? What did you do when it came to staying at hostels and taking the trains? What do you recommend? Btw if you don’t mind me asking what is your college degree in? I’m guessing you have one! But how much money should I bring to see Paris and most of Germany for a month? I want to have a really good time and will be staying at hostels and riding the trains! I have some friends over there and may stay with them but most likely ill be staying at hostels the whole month! As you can tell ill be backing Paris France and all over Germany on this trip! So how did you save up a bunch of money to do what your doing if you don’t mind me asking? I’m kind of jealous lol Jk! I’m just trying to get advice from someone who knows what there doing! If you could please email me at that would be so cool! John I really look forward to hearing from you and thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Please email me back it would help me so much! Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks so much!

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