Jul 122014

Learn the 4 steps you can take to save thousands of dollars on your European vacation! These are 4 tips that I follow and I think some of them might surprise you.

What are your tips for saving money while traveling in Europe? Leave it in the comments below!

May 242014


Here, I’ll show you the easiest way to avoid paying ATM feels while you travel abroad.  This is a great tip because it allows you to feel comfortable using any ATM from a big bank abroad without having to worry about paying $5 or more per transaction.

This is the tip I use to save a lot of money and I hope it can help you too!

Note that you should still try and use big-bank ATM’s to help avoid potential issues with absurd exchange rates.


Know of any other ways to avoid ATM fees while abroad?  Let me know in the comments below!

May 012014

Hotel in HeidelbergI’ll show you the cheapest and also the best types of accommodation given your travel needs throughout Europe.  This includes the websites where you can book the accommodations and how to choose between the different types of accommodations, as well as how I make this decision.

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Apr 092014
Eurolines Bus

Eurolines Bus

I’m going to tell you about the cheapest reliable way to travel last minute throughout Europe.  I travel A LOT through Europe and I usually do everything last-minute.  Here, I’ll share with you what I do to get the cheapest transportation options and which websites I use.  This is perfect for those travelers that don’t like to make a final decision until the day before departure – like me. 🙂

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Oct 162012

So, just how much do you think it costs to travel around Europe for one month?  I have been meaning to write a post like this for a while and, after a visitor named Luke asked me about this, I figured I’d write about it now.

The short answer is $1,000 – $3,000 and up (not including the flight over there and back).  Read on for what you need to consider to approximate your expenses. Continue reading »

Sep 182012

You know that you are in Paris when you think that it is cheap to get two Corona’s for 7 euro ~ $9.   AND these are not bar prices, these are ‘cheap’ out-of-the-city prices!

Go into the city for a beer at a bar or dare you buy one at a club and you will hit 8-10 euro for just ONE BEER – that’s $10-$13 dollars for a beer, a single beer!  Pre-game here if you want to leave the city with any money in your pocket!


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