May 132015

Amsterdam is one damn beautiful city and I am not talking about the whores!  When you walk through this city you realize that boobs and weed are the least impressive things to be experienced here.  To be frank, I have not experienced a city quite like this except for Bruges, but certainly not on this scale.

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May 142014

Mostar, Bosnia is famous only for its oddly shaped super steep bridge. This was my first experience with Bosnia and, to be honest, I was terrified of going here. But, thankfully, this damn famous bridge was bringing enough tourists to the city that I thought it would be a good start for venturing into Bosnia, which, as someone who saw the fighting on tv as a child, scared me (it no longer does).

You will see that the city is really beautiful, by day and especially by night. I will also show you some of the food that I had there, which includes a portion that they swore was for only one person but should have been for 4, the big portions of America have nothing on this place! The other thing is a piece of Burek, which you will see more of in my videos from the Balkans.

In addition to this, I will show you remnants form the war, which are literally everywhere!

I also want to mention that I met some amazing people in Bosnia and I never felt any less safe here than I did in many cities in Western Europe.



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Apr 262014

Bled is a wonderful and beautiful jewel in the country of Slovenia.  Come in fall and you will see beautiful colors with a backdrop of the Julian Alps.  Come in summer and you can swim in the lake and do all sorts of outdoors activities in the surrounding country side.  This is definitely somewhere I will visit again!

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Nov 152013

Perast, Montenegro is a beautiful port city that is surrounded by some of the most amazing mountains that I have seen outside of Switzerland.  Here is a gallery of the best photos that I took while in Perast.

Lots of wonderful photos are included in the post below! 🙂

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Oct 142013

Part 2 of my Split, Croatia photos.  This includes photos of the beaches in Split, the mountains, Mt. Marjan, Panoramic photos of the city with mountains in the background, and more!

I spent 6 to 8 days in Split, Croatia and took about a million photos.  Here, I want to show you some of those photos in order to show you the beauty that is Split as well as to try and give you a feel for what the city is like.

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Sep 102013

Paris has an amazing street art scene.  And, regardless of what you think about the defacement of buildings, there is something to be noticed about how Paris does it.

For instance, the city officials who paint over illegal street art will actually leave some art in place if it is by a famous street artist or if it is of high enough artistic value or quality; in other words, if it’s something interesting rather than the name of a girlfriend.  Also, the city cannot paint over a certain height, so, if the art is high enough, it will be left there by the city.

Now, let’s check out some of the crazy street art in Paris! 🙂

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Sep 062013

Warsaw, Poland, as it turns out, is a really cool city.  It has a very modern side to it with tall glass-lined buildings as well as a restored and improved old-town that was rebuilt after World War II.  In addition, the city is much less expensive than basically everywhere west of it in Europe, and this makes for a nice break from the wallet-busting cities further west.

Below is a gallery of highlights from the city.  Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Aug 272013

This is one of the, if not the, coolest looking and most interesting churches that I have ever in my life seen.  The main reason for this is that no other church in the world looks like this one.  It is a unique gem that stands out from the traditional styles used to build and design churches.  I took a lot of photos of this church, but here are some of my favorites. Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading »

Jul 182013

Everyone knows that the tower in Pisa leans, a lot.  But, it is really hard to grasp how much it leans by just reading a number.  Below are photos that illustrate what I mean.

Though you only ever see the tower in photos, it is part of a church complex and, even if the tower didn’t lean, this would still be a great attraction to visit due to the ornate work on the church itself and the buildings around it. Continue reading »

Jul 132013

Florence is a perfect blend of tourist attraction, romance, entertainment, and general enjoyment.  It has everything that you would want.  The city is beautiful; the sites are world-famous; the clubs and pubs are close together; and the city is generally quite enjoyable.

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