May 142014

Mostar, Bosnia is famous only for its oddly shaped super steep bridge. This was my first experience with Bosnia and, to be honest, I was terrified of going here. But, thankfully, this damn famous bridge was bringing enough tourists to the city that I thought it would be a good start for venturing into Bosnia, which, as someone who saw the fighting on tv as a child, scared me (it no longer does).

You will see that the city is really beautiful, by day and especially by night. I will also show you some of the food that I had there, which includes a portion that they swore was for only one person but should have been for 4, the big portions of America have nothing on this place! The other thing is a piece of Burek, which you will see more of in my videos from the Balkans.

In addition to this, I will show you remnants form the war, which are literally everywhere!

I also want to mention that I met some amazing people in Bosnia and I never felt any less safe here than I did in many cities in Western Europe.



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May 092014

Late but still here 🙂

This photo is of a bombed-out church that I explored while I was in Bosnia. It’s on top of a giant hill/mountain and from there you could also see old fortifications on the top of each neighboring mountain/giant hill.

This is recent history and we should never forget just how easy it is for seemingly calm and civil nations to devolve into war (think of Ukraine today).

Bombed-out Church in Bosnia

Bombed-out Church in Bosnia

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