Oct 012014

I go to Bled, Slovenia!  In this episode I experience the beauty that this city has to offer, complete with a church in the middle of a lake, a castle on a mountain and a city surrounded by the Alps.

I also get the chance to meet a very crazy and interesting local as well as enter a haunted house. 😉

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Jun 182014

I’m venturing into the unknown, at least for me, and I’m excited to see what is there.  Here, I will be going to Ljubljana, Slovenia.  You will get to see how my perceptions of this city change from the beginning of the video to the end and, through this process, you will see just how beautiful and lovely the city is.

Also, I get to try a shrimp burger in McDonald’s!!! haha

(sorry about the shaky camera work :(, it should get better with the newer videos)


Leave any questions or comments below! 🙂


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Jun 142014


I took this photo while on a bus in Slovenia from Ljubljana to Bled. This country really is beautiful and full of amazing mountain ranges and picture-perfect little villages.

Just seeing this picture now makes me want to go back there right away! 🙂

Slovenia = Safe, affordable, and post-card beautiful nature.

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Apr 262014

Bled is a wonderful and beautiful jewel in the country of Slovenia.  Come in fall and you will see beautiful colors with a backdrop of the Julian Alps.  Come in summer and you can swim in the lake and do all sorts of outdoors activities in the surrounding country side.  This is definitely somewhere I will visit again!

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Jul 262013

As someone from this planet, I have had Pizza, a lot of Pizza, in my lifetime.  I have had, thin crust, pan, deep dish, and a million different toppings.  I’ve had it in Italy from Venice and Florence to Naples.  I’ve had everything from pineapple to tuna fish to all kinds of disgusting creations on my pizza, even desert pizza (kind of like pizza from heaven).  But, in Bled, Slovenia, I had my first pizza with an egg on it…

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