Jul 262013

As someone from this planet, I have had Pizza, a lot of Pizza, in my lifetime.  I have had, thin crust, pan, deep dish, and a million different toppings.  I’ve had it in Italy from Venice and Florence to Naples.  I’ve had everything from pineapple to tuna fish to all kinds of disgusting creations on my pizza, even desert pizza (kind of like pizza from heaven).  But, in Bled, Slovenia, I had my first pizza with an egg on it…

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Jun 202013

There are a few things that I cannot get in Europe but that I really REALLY want and deep dish pizza is one of those things!  ‘Regular’ pizza is really easy to find in Europe, as it is in America.  Therefore, if you really like the thin ‘normal’ pizza like New York Style pizza pies, you are in luck pretty much wherever you travel in Europe.  But Continue reading »

Jul 122012

Naturally, the first thing that you or anyone should do when they get to Rome, or anywhere in Italy for that matter, is to eat.  You’re probably hungry from all of those planes, trains, and well… automobiles.  The FIRST thing that you have to eat when you get to Italy is Pizza.  There is no other option, except maybe gelato, but that’s for another article.

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