Jan 132016

3 Tips to meeting more people and being more social while traveling.

These are three simple things that every traveler should bring with them and how to use them to meet more people and have a fun time!

Now, why will these tips make you a better traveler? Because traveling is about MEETING PEOPLE!!! For travelers, especially backpackers, another sight is no more exciting than the last, but meeting locals or other interesting people is really what makes traveling so fulfilling.

Jul 082015

I want to take a moment to share with you what it has been like for me so far on my travels, and not just the fun stuff you see in the videos, but what it’s really like to travel alone, with all of its ups and downs.

This is what it is like to travel from the emotional aspect of everything.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments! 🙂

May 012014

Hotel in HeidelbergI’ll show you the cheapest and also the best types of accommodation given your travel needs throughout Europe.  This includes the websites where you can book the accommodations and how to choose between the different types of accommodations, as well as how I make this decision.

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Apr 182014

Don’t you just love it when you realize that you are too large to fit properly into the bathroom that you have to use for the next week!  I think if I was Asian this might be a spacious bathroom, except of course for Yao Ming (but we all know that he is a robot anyway).

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Apr 092014
Eurolines Bus

Eurolines Bus

I’m going to tell you about the cheapest reliable way to travel last minute throughout Europe.  I travel A LOT through Europe and I usually do everything last-minute.  Here, I’ll share with you what I do to get the cheapest transportation options and which websites I use.  This is perfect for those travelers that don’t like to make a final decision until the day before departure – like me. 🙂

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Apr 072014

fairy tale travelerFairy tale travelers are just the worst travelers, and probably the worst people, in the world! Let’s talk about these lovely people, why I hate them, and why you are probably one of them, and maybe me sometimes too but hey, can’t be perfect all the time.

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Oct 312013

I want to talk about Space Bags and whether or not you should use it when you travel.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but after traveling now for 13 months straight, I’ve changed my opinion on it a bit.

Below, I will analyze when I think you should use it and when I think it will cause you more trouble than it is worth.

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