Jun 042015


One of the things I love most about cultural differences between the U.S. and countries in Europe is that these differences are often not so easy to notice and they can pop-up in unexpected places.

The first time I saw a blackjack table in a club in Finland, I was certain that I was seeing things because well, as I found out the next morning, she was not a 10…

BUT, the blackjack table was real!

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Sep 082013
Only Photo I had of a Swede

Only Photo I had of a Swede lol

Every time I need help, suggestions, or advice, I have found that the nicest people to offer me that are from the Scandinavian countries.  Before I start though, let me give you an example of what might happen in the U.S. or France or many other countries.

I go to the subway station in Boston looking to get a ticket to somewhere, but I’m not entirely sure where the place is or even if that location is open today.  I manage to acquire the ticket from a burly looking grumpy-face type cat creature of a woman that has probably been living in an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Continue reading »