Nov 062013

Have you ever met a person where you just thought “wow, this is amazing; this is something special; this is simply someone that I want to be around.”  You can’t explain it and you don’t know exactly why you feel this way but there is just something, something intangible that exists between you and this person.

Well, I met such a person while in Florence, Italy and it was the best 45 seconds of my trip to Italy.

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Oct 282013

Paris is such a beautiful and lovely city full of nice, warm, welcoming people that just want you to have an enjoyable time in the world’s capital of tourism.


Let’s talk about the time a crack whore chased me back to my hostel in Paris.

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Sep 082013
Only Photo I had of a Swede

Only Photo I had of a Swede lol

Every time I need help, suggestions, or advice, I have found that the nicest people to offer me that are from the Scandinavian countries.  Before I start though, let me give you an example of what might happen in the U.S. or France or many other countries.

I go to the subway station in Boston looking to get a ticket to somewhere, but I’m not entirely sure where the place is or even if that location is open today.  I manage to acquire the ticket from a burly looking grumpy-face type cat creature of a woman that has probably been living in an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Continue reading »