Oct 282013

Paris is such a beautiful and lovely city full of nice, warm, welcoming people that just want you to have an enjoyable time in the world’s capital of tourism.


Let’s talk about the time a crack whore chased me back to my hostel in Paris.

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Aug 132012

Pickpockets are everywhere in Rome; at least, they are everywhere that you will want to visit.  The first time I walked around Rome, I noticed two things (aside from the sites of course): more tour buses than I had seen in any other city and lots and lots of street-people (beggars, shady vendors selling on cardboard boxes, and women with fake babies in their arms ready to throw them at you).  Now, Rome is by no means the only place with lots of street-people but, since you will visit this city some day, let’s talk about some common sense ways to stay safe.

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