Oct 142015

I spent 3 months in Dublin and met some of the most amazing people ever. This is where I learned that “The People you Meet Define the Experiences You Have” and in this video I’ll show you the wonderful and crazy people I encountered and explain what my experience was like, at least partly ;).


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Apr 022014

This is what happened when Britney Spears fucked a Leprechaun…


Britney Spears Leprechaun Baby

Britney Spears Leprechaun Baby

All kidding aside, I was terrified, mortified, and hysterically laughing when I saw this walk into my hostel in Dublin at 4am. My God, Dublin is a fucking crazy city – don’t bring your children here, that’s for sure!

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Nov 062013

Have you ever met a person where you just thought “wow, this is amazing; this is something special; this is simply someone that I want to be around.”  You can’t explain it and you don’t know exactly why you feel this way but there is just something, something intangible that exists between you and this person.

Well, I met such a person while in Florence, Italy and it was the best 45 seconds of my trip to Italy.

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Oct 282013

Paris is such a beautiful and lovely city full of nice, warm, welcoming people that just want you to have an enjoyable time in the world’s capital of tourism.


Let’s talk about the time a crack whore chased me back to my hostel in Paris.

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