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MarioSeriously, why are Italian guys so damn creepy?!  I would like to now posit this statement and give you some examples: Italian Guys ARE Creepy.  That, as you will soon see, is simply true.

But why, oh why, are they?  That I honestly don’t know.

Since I have been traveling Europe for almost 2 years now I have come across many people from many different cultures.  I have had the opportunity to test any and every stereo type that I may have had  – basically, traveling is like throwing your preconceived notions against the wall and watching to see which ones actually stick.

One of these notions that has actually stuck is that Italian men are creepy – they are, by and large, inappropriate, disrespectful, rude, and wildly sexually forward in the worst of ways.  This kind of behavior does, as you can imagine, mainly occur when a female is present, especially if that female is not Italian.

Let’s talk about some examples.  Some of these are stories I have heard and some are situations I have witnessed.  And before you say “all men do this” or “other men do that too” you should know that I at least have never met another group of men in Europe that can be so accurately classified in this manner, outside of Italian men.

 Saying Hi

I can’t count how many times I have seen an Italian man come up to a female friend of mine, whom he has never before met, and put his arm around her waist, kiss her on both cheeks, rub her behind the ear and on the cheek after the kiss, and try to push her hips into his crotch.  This happens all the time at clubs and I have, subsequently, had to essentially protect my female friends from these guys after they decide they want this girl, who is visible sickened by the Italian guy.

The problem is that, when they decide they want a girl, they simply do not take no for an answer.  This makes for annoyingly aggressive situations when my female friends have come running to me to get away from these Italian guys.

Out for Drinks

Two girls whom I know well, one of which is very well endowed, took a two week trip to Italy.  Afterward, they regaled me with lovely stories of Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan.  At they end though they told me how much they hated Italy due to the men.

They said they couldn’t walk by a group of Italian guys without being sexually harassed verbally as well as physically.  And when they went out for drinks to a pub or, God forbid, a club, they were so sickened after an hour into the night that they just went home.  Immediately upon entry to the establishment the Italian men would flock to them like flies on shit and literally grab their butts and their breasts while saying Italian phrases such as “Que Bella.”  Walking to the bathroom became a terrifying experience for them when every man they passed tried to do the same thing.

They literally grabbed their breasts when saying “hi” or even just walking next to them.

The thing is not that this doesn’t happen in every country or every club to some extent, but the issue is the sheer prevalence and ferocious nature of the come-ons that happens from Italian men towards foreign women.


Do I even need to go here?  After reading the section above, you can imagine what this section will contain.  The problem here is not the way in which they dance with a girl but the fact that they do it to unwilling girls over and over until the girl eventually runs away, and then sometimes they follow.


I want to now tell you women out there the standard tactic used by Italian men, actually most men that just want a one-night-stand, in order to get you in bed, which is code for fucking you in case you are too naive to know that.

On a side note, I find it hilariously funny when girls don’t understand that this is how it happens and when they laugh at me when I tell them that this is how they will end up with a guy at the end of the night.  But, usually, I am right.

Its a simple formula – fill the girl up with free drinks until she succumbs to dancing and then fill her up with more drinks until she decides she doesn’t mind her dancing partner having sex with her.

It sounds pretty horrible when I write it out, but that’s how it happens.


I could give you 100 more stories but most of them follow similar lines to the ones above.  I have never encountered a group of men that consistently behave in a manner so inappropriate as that of Italian men.

If you are traveling Europe and you are a female with any sort of self-respect, stay away from Italian men at all costs.  Oh, and know that you are actually nothing special at all when an Italian man tells you that you are, lol.


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  1. Even online they’re creepy. There’s this one guy I used to talk to and he didn’t know that I straight away found him on FB and he’s got a wife and kid! So after that everything I told him was a stupid lie, to see what fantasy land he’d come up with. It was hilarious and I felt like I had the last laugh. His poor wife, she is clueless, I don’t know how anyone can be so blind just because someone is “OMG Italian”. Creepy with a foreign accent is still creepy. I’m not bigoted against Italian men in any way, but I’d never blindly believe what they say.

  2. I wanted to say that I completely disagree with you, don’t get me wrong but you don’t know anything about Italian men, let me tell you, I’m Italian and I can assure you that creepy men here are like 10%
    Men in Italy are just the same as the others and they are usually very nice and it’s not like every men wants a one night stand or just grabs girls by the waist or thinks about doing it all the time. You got it all wrong, as I was saying they are the 10% of the population, and by saying that you make it sound like we are a nation of rude, creepy, not worthy people, we’re not. Really I don’t mean to be rude or look unpolite but you can’t just tell the world that Italian men are creepy and rude, I’m a girl and I’ve lived in Italy my whole life, and in 15 years I’ve never had the impression that men are like that, sorry if I offended you that you wasn’t my intention but it was just to tell you that Italian men are in reality really gentlemen

    • I’m glad that you have had that experience. I’ve been told that local girls are not treated the same as foreign girls. However, your experience in no way changes the experiences that I, and many people that I know, have had. When I compare those experiences with all other experiences across all other nationalities, in Europe at least, Italian men are, by far, the worst. Though, of course, that doesn’t mean that they are all like that.

    • Ha!!! WRONG and its Italian men not just in Italy but when they migrate to America too who gives deep gross tongue on the first date and yes breasts grabbed – gross it is

    • I lived in Italy for 2 years and had to leave because of the men! Absolutely disgusting behaviour! Definitely more prominent around Foreigners. They don’t know when to stop! I even learnt a bit of Italian and understood a bunch of guys when they said they wanted to take me into an alley and have their way with me!

    • I know many italians. Been in italy few times. Italians wants to fuck. But quality of sex is bad. And itlaians live with parents till 35plus. And they dont see a difference beetwen female friend and the girl they flirt with. They dont know how to make somwbody happy, be loyal and build relationships. To many of them cheat on girlfriend and wife. Online and in real life. Half on dating aps if full of man who says about his status ” its complicated “. Why are you here? To fuck! Coz they dont know how to fight for love. And italian materialistic girl who also dont know love but sex, never will find a man there. They just fuck arround for Sometime and finito. Sex with italian man is dry and Without passion. They fuck for 5 minutes and dont make you feel nothing else. Dont take a time to touch and explore. They can be agresive, bad listeners , dry heart and unhappy .. and they are blamming everybody else but not themself egoistic , narcistic

  3. Italian guy here! Absolutely not everyone is creepy. As Alessia said, only 10% of men are. The problem is that those 10% are rude and completely disgusting.

  4. You are so so so correct. I recently went on a holiday to Mykonos with a girl friend – the clubs were 90% Italian, and the majority of men who grabbed up were Italian (we know this because they were speaking Italian). It was absolutely ridiculous – at one point my friend had one man stroking her hair, another grabbing her waist, and another pulling at her dress all at the same time. They all seemed intent on cornering you, and would never take no for an answer. We left the club, and walking down the street was again ridiculous – without a word of exaggeration, 9/10 people driving by on motorbikes called at us, or swerved too close, or honked (quite scary at night). Another pair on a quad bike slowed down next to us, and once we (politely, we always made an effort to remain polite, because if you were rude they would get very angry, and sometimes even push us) told them that we weren’t interested, they said ‘its alright we’ll just follow you’, and proceeded to crawl beside us on their quadbike for about 100m. It was horrific, and made us unwilling to go out by ourselves for the remainder of the holiday.

    • Fuck them. Fuck Greece. Fuck all of that. I hate that! The sad thing is that I know many great Italians who don’t fit that stereotype, but there are just sooooo many who do and who ruin everything for you that you end-up making a permanent mental note to be careful around them in the future or to avoid them completely.

      I’m glad you and your friend were able to safely get out of there! If you need any tips on places to party and have a good time in Europe, just drop me a line!

  5. Your comments are pretty childish, but you’re right: Italian men, especially in packs, are disgusting. Just look at how little, fat Italian boys are with their moms. It’s obscene how the moms bend over backwards to over-indulge their disgusting little boys. Those boys grow up in a machismo, predatory culture. AND if by “non-Italian” women you mean American women, well, c’mon: American chicks are easy. Get them in a different country and they are so loose taht, yes, Italian men paw them. American women, in general, are so full of themselves, yet so slutty, that you only have to get them drunk. Think frat girls on Spring Break. American guys are generally douchey, don’t hit the dance-floor (consequently your rightly disgusted “friends”, even the “well-endowed” one, had to run to find you, probably sulking in a corner, wondering why the gross Guidos get all the play), and sort of pout and judge. I’m American, and other than the occasional English woman, and German gals, too, American women were just big, drunk SLUTS, so go figure already=predatory guys are encouraged enough to grab them. The biggest difference between American women and other women in Europe out for fun, is that American women have NO self-respect. They’re easy to play on low-self-esteem issues. They also lie: “Oh, he’s gross”, when really they can’t wait to fuck him. You just sit around crying. I’ve seen my fellow countrymen just lose out time and again! I, however, have fun when I travel, by not pouting and judging the greasy Italians on the floor. Personally, I think they’re grossest when they’re all in this weird Bro-Pack, hugging and kissing each other, singing along to some stupid song, acting like they’re the center of the world, and oh so cute and charmy, when they’re really just pushy and gross. I can’t stand them. But I hate fat lazy backpacking beer-drinking American tourists much much more. And no, it isn’t like 10% of Italian men: it’s all of them. It’s in their culture and the way they have been taught to handle women. Just pathetic.

    • “Your comments are pretty childish, but you’re right: Italian men, especially in packs, are disgusting. Just look at how little, fat Italian boys are with their moms. It’s obscene how the moms bend over backwards to over-indulge their disgusting little boys. ”

      Yes this is the real problem, how Italian society bends over backwards to over-indulge little boys.

  6. I so completely emphasize. I’m Italian, born and raised in Italy and now I live in NY. I truly fucking hate them! I grew up with them touching my ass and breast. The crazy thing is that “they often” think they’re being funny. And they don’t do it only To foreign girls, TRUST ME! We usually hit them and course them out. By the way they like that too. It’s a cultural thing. A very disgusting one.

    • That’s very sad to hear! 🙁

    • You are so right! I’m Italian but was born and raised in Switzerland and therefore escaped that “Italian way” of rising boys and girls (meaning girls are raised to be submissive in Italy even nowadays). Italy is in fact a country ruled by old men for old men, and these are creepy and not even smart as they are put in power through connections, not merit.

    • You are so right! I’m Italian but was born and raised in Switzerland and therefore escaped that “Italian way” of rising boys and girls (meaning girls are raised to be submissive in Italy even nowadays). Italy is in fact a country ruled by old men for old men, and these are creepy and not even smart as they are put in power through connections, not merit.

    • Italian here as well, born in Switzerland.

      There is indeed a huge problem in the way Italian men and society treats women, it’s disgusting.

      Italy is sadly a misogynistic country ruled by a nepotistic gerontocracy, creepy old men in power replaced by creepy men.

  7. I happen to love Italy, but, as a guy who prefers to travel solo and observe people in public, I have seen several incidences of Italian men inappropriately harassing strange women just minding their business walking by on the street. The disrespect appears to be more overt if the women are visibly foreign.

    I once sat at an outdoor cafe one evening and watched a bunch of guys shout and wolf-whistle a group of American students making them so uncomfortable that they went from cheerfully chatting and giggling amongst themselves to complete silence. But what they did to an African girl who passed by shortly after was truly disgusting and really shocking. They chased after her yelling a bunch of stuff including “pantera nera” while grabbing her boobs, ass and privates. She managed to get away and I instantly felt guilty for not intervening myself. It seemed like in their extremely prejudiced minds, she was seen as lower on the totem pole so they could get away with anything.

    Italy is a beautiful country with great history but they need to check their attitudes towards women.

  8. This post is so racist, I feel really offended. I will not speak about percentages that I don’t know, but – of course – speaking so generally is really stupid. Your experiences were bad, true, but this doesn’t mean that everybody is like this; writing an article on this can only give a bad image to all the population in a discriminatory and really offensive way. I know people like the ones you are talking about, and I know people completely different; like I know people like this from other countries. Stereotypes are sons of ignorance, that is supposed to be erased traveling, but as I can see… it’s not like this. I’m really sorry for your bad experiences, as for your bad words.

    • No one cares if you are offended! This is the real world buddy, not some safe-space where you are shielded from reality.

    • The thruth is the truth, and doesn’t care about your feelings 😉
      Your comment just goes to show another stereotype is actually real: big, butthurt mumma’s boy is offended… xD Let the worl stop!!
      This is ALL true, I am Italian and have lived abroad for the past 10 years and it now strucks me even more how backward and low Italian men are.
      Of course not every single man is like that, but I must say they’ve been generous in saying only 10%… I would say 90%
      Get a grip, you are NOT men, you don’t even know what being a man means.

  9. The real thing here is… If you didn’t like just because some strange guy(obviously always just italian) then you can take a plane and fly back in your safe and nice country 🙂
    Fun fact:ask what the germans that i yearly rent the houses near the sea lmao

    • No, instead, I just avoid the creeps and let people know that they exist.

      • Talk about how horrible the zionist jews are as well then. Don’t just single out italians as if they are the worst on the planet when you have a group of people who think nonjews are animals, you dumb bitch.

  10. Italians are horrible, I have this man by the name of Alessandro Caprari who stalks me, he is disgusting.

  11. In Minnesota it’s perfectly legal to grab a girl’s ass. Google it and you’ll see that it’s not just Italy.

  12. What you wrote here is disgusting and nonsense, you have no right to judge and insult a whole people just by some experience with 10,20,50 or even 100 men. Do you think that posting this blog to spread hate against Italians makes you better? You just proved your ignorance and useless prejudices.
    If you meant to warn the girls to be careful from men, you didn’t need to mention their nationality, cuz bad men are in every country. There are also many good Italian men, but maybe you are so focused on the bad ones that you don’t notice them.
    You better delete this vile blog, and give another chance to Italian men. Ciao

  13. I have a close female friend who can assure that Spanish men can be super creepy too. She’s had about 6 experiences with different men of Spanish descent on different random occasions and will probably never go back there. Perhaps the Spanish men are more verbally aggressive than physically compared to Italians – but they tend to have this overaggressive way about them, refusing to take “no” as an answer and being way too friendly, way too early etc. etc….

    I’ll save my comments about French men – I know the original post about Italian men is very “controversial” although it’s true. It’s largely a cultural thing – the hyper machismo attitudes, etc…. (not talking about French men – cannot say they are particular “manly” as a whole!

  14. Italian men are creepy yes, and at their workplace too as I witnessed.

    So, the manager was meeting with a VIP client (woman), the type of client a business cannot afford to lose.

    Well we lost that client thanks to the lack of professionalism of one man (Italian from Rome living in Switzerland).

    That creepy man made a screen copy of a bank transaction and stored it in the bank file. The problem was that part of screensaver was visible… boobs. Now you can imagine why that VIP client left the company courtesy of an unprofessional Italian man.

    During my career (Switzerland) I have almost never been impressed by Italian men. I was however always impressed by Italian women. They are high quality professionals with the ethics Italian men often lack. I strongly believe that if Italian women were given the place they deserve in politic, Italy would be a far better place.

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