Jul 192014

Spain TrainThis is the first part of a 7 part post describing a day in Valencia, Spain.  I hope you enjoy! 🙂

I’m not sure if I am running from something or simply entertaining my desire to find out what this city is really like.

I always find the train ride that takes me away from one place and toward another to be an almost cathartic experience.  I really can’t make these journeys with talkative people.  When you stare out the quadruple pain glass window of a train at night and see only yourself reflected back, you see more than the image reflected by the light bouncing off of you, you see deeper, deep down inside of yourself.

When I force myself to think about it, I guess I am kind of running away from something, but I feel that that is better discussed in another story.

That to which I am running is perhaps a more interesting thought.  I am running to an idea, chasing the ecstasy of a passionate night not forgotten from my previous jaunt in Valencia.  I’m not chasing that experience per se, but the city in which it happened.  It’s time to open my eyes to the city, a city with which I did, if only for a brief moment, fall in love.

Now, let’s see…

A Moment in Valencia – Arrival – Part 2 of 7


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