Feb 182015
Butt Shower

Butt Shower

Do you like taking showers?  Well, how about a shower for your butt!

In this article, let’s talk Finnish Butt Showers!

Get your butt ready…

Usually, upon finishing your visit to the most sacred of sacred places, your throne, you grab a bunch of paper to clean yourself off.  Interesting note – in the good old days of the horrible past, toilet paper sometimes contained splinters!!!

In Finland, many people use a butt shower to clean off their butt after their time on the toilet is done.  I did not misspeak; I did not mean to say “bidet” (thank you Frenchies for another annoying unphonetic word).

A bidet is like a toilet, without a toilet seat, that shoots water up your butt.  This is not a butt shower.  I would call this more like a power washer for your butt.

Butt showers are gentle.  However, they are still completely weird to use for the first, second, or even tenth time.  They are like little detachable shower heads that sit next to the toilet.  When you finish your bombing run, you simply turn on the water, it’s a good idea to wait for warm water while avoiding scalding water at all costs (trust me on that one), and then sit up on the toilet and shower your butt until it’s clean.

The idea is weird; the feeling is weird; but, honestly, once you get used to it, it’s great!  This is how my Finnish lady-friend put it, “if you got poop on your hand, or arm, or face [God forbid], would you use a piece of paper to clean it off or would you use water?”  That really says it all.

The great thing about Finland is that these are all over the country, even in many public restrooms.  And, it’s great for the ladies because well, as you can imagine, the butt shower doubles as a vagina shower.

So, after living in Finland, I can honestly say that I am pro butt shower! 🙂


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