Nov 262012

I get to the meeting point for the Pompeii day-tour at around 7 am and it is quite cold.  In fact, even I, having lived in Boston for years, feel the need to wear a coat.  I am a bit lost, or so I think, and I want to ask someone a question.  As I look at the crowd of people gathering around a fountain, I immediately know who I can speak to – the other American.

Granted, there were multiple Americans there, but there was one that stood out above the rest.  Only Americans wear shorts in cold weather, and it is cold for Italians when it gets below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  In addition to this, he was wearing tennis shoes, a baseball cap, and a DALLAS COWBOYS JERSEY!

American Tourist in Italy

It was just priceless seeing this guy.  He was the perfect stereo-type of an American tourist.


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