Dec 152012

One common problem that you will encounter when traveling around Europe is how to figure out when the trains come and go.  It seems easy enough, but, each country may have its own train system and website as well as a different language, poor website design, no human working at the train station, etc.  Every traveler has encountered this problem and, here, I will tell you where to go to find almost all the information you will ever need to travel by train around most of Europe. Continue reading »

Aug 122012

Like most western European countries, Germany has a great rail transportation system.  Though expensive (unless you are a student), traveling by train is convenient, safe, and comfortable.  And best of all, THEY ARE ON TIME.  Hear that America?  It’s possible to run a train/transportation service that is on time!  Now, let’s explore some of the ups and downs of riding trains in Germany and I’ll show you how to save 50% on all train tickets within the country. Continue reading »