Mar 072018

I go to the famous Robot Restaurant in Tokyo and it is simply AMAZINGGGGG!

I had a blast here and couldn’t recommend it more, so long as you have $70 USD to spend for 90 minutes of entertainment.

This was a really fun event and I recommend you combine it with a night out and go to Golden Gai afterword.

Leave your comments and thoughts in the section below! 🙂

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Jul 132015

This is how an american enjoys Independence Day in London!

I dress up like an American Colonial and go all throughout London having fun for July 4th!

Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Aug 152012

How many times in the U.S. have you seen a female “waste management specialist” or just a trashman?  I mean, I’ve never even heard the word trashwoman let alone seen a woman driving the truck or hauling the bags.  Now, that’s not to say that they don’t exist; I’m sure you could find one or two here or there.  But, in Rome, and much of Europe for that matter, equality of the sexes is not limited to just the water cooler (white collar work).  So, let’s take a look at two very fine examples of European equality amongst the sexes!

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