Sep 072013

So let’s talk about the magical epiphanies that happen when you have just arrived at a hostel and immediately find some good drinking buddies.  Well, one common epiphany is how to solve the world’s problems, generally cracking the puzzle of world peace only to forget the solution the next morning.

But, but, sometimes you find out much more interesting pieces of information.  And, one dark and dreary night in Dublin, Ireland, I, along with my new friend ‘poupée’ (this shall protect her lovely self from all you creepers out there – plus I might have forgotten her real name lol) found out the secret of which beverage it is that Shrek, the almighty ogre, consumes after a long hard day in the swamp.

Find out below…

Shrek Drinks Jägermeister!!! Duh!

Where's my drink!

Where’s my drink!

Here's my drink!

Here’s my drink!

Ahh how do I open it?!

Ahh how do I open it?!




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